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Round Punches – Type B – 63.5mm to 89.0mm

£90.30 (excl. VAT)

Standard round punches are available from stock as individual items, or in sets with dies, in sizes from 3.0 mm to 50 mm. (Please order dies separately.) Standard punches are suitable for punching through 16 to 20 swg mild steel. 

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NOTE: Punches on this page cannot be ordered online. For any diameters within this range, please contact our sales office. The price of standard punches within this range is £128.00 each + VAT.

Round Punches & Dies

Round punches & dies can be supplied in two different styles – please see Type A & Type B below:

Type A: Up to 2″ or 50.8 mm dia., these have a 9/16″ dia. ground shank to fit punch holder type I. The punches are machined with a small centre point for location in centre-punched marks. If the material has been pre-drilled the punch can be supplied with a location pilot which is removable if necessary.

Type B: Over 2″ or 50.8 mm punches are made with a 1″ ground shank. These punches are bored with a centre hole through which the screwed spigot of punch holder type K passes. A counter-bored recess in the punch accommodates a nut which locks the punch firmly to the holder. The punch is prevented from turning by a dowel in the face of the holder, which locates in the back of the punch. The centre point or pilot is screwed into the end of the spigot.

Any diameter size can be made to your exact dimensions.

Standard punches are suitable for punching through 16 to 20 swg mild steel. If you require punches & dies for any other material thicknesses, please contact us.

We stock and supply a vast range of punches and dies to suit all types of machinery and applications. We can supply standard round, square, rectangular and radius end punches & dies, in sizes ranging from 2.0 mm to 90.0 mm or larger. We can also design and manufacture special tooling to meet any requirement, or make tooling to your drawing and specification. We stock and supply notching tools, radius cropping tools, louvre tools, twin radius tools, or any other shapes such as triangular, hexagon, slots, keyholes, etc. Please contact our sales office with your specifications, sketches or technical drawings.

Please go to ‘Additional Information’ tab for further info. 


Shear: any punch being used for piercing can be supplied with a ‘shear’ type cutting edge which will extensively reduce the tonnage requirement when punching material of heavier gauges.

Dies: these are made for economy in six standard outside diameters to suit the bolster outfit components.

  • ALU = aluminium
  • ABS = acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
  • CVS = chrome vanadium steel
  • EPDM (EPT) = ethylene propylene diene Monomer
  • HPDE = high density polyethylene
  • LDPE = light density polyethylene
  • MDPE = medium density polyethylene
  • M.S. = mild steel
  • NBR = nitrile butadiene rubber
  • PE = polyethylene
  • POM = polyoxymethylene
  • PP = polypropylene
  • PPS = polyphenylene sulphide (better known as Ryton)
  • PTFE = polytetrafluoroethylene (better know as Teflon)
  • PU = polyurethane
  • PVC = polyvinyl chloride
  • PVDF = polyvinylidene fluoride
  • SS = stainless steel
  • BP = burst pressure
  • HP = high pressure
  • WP = working pressure
  • cSt = centistokes
  • i/d = inside diameter
  • o/d = outside diameter
  • swg = standard wire guage (i.e. the ‘guage’ or thickness of a piece of steel)
  • BSF = British standard fine
  • BSP = British standard pipe
  • BSPF = British standard pipe – female thread
  • BSPM = British standard pipe – male thread
  • BSW = British standard Whitworth
  • UNF = Unified fine thread


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