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As I am sure you are experiencing in your own business, we are being subjected to constant and unrelenting increases in the costs of raw materials, fuel, energy, packaging, steel, brass and most of all freight and import costs. On top of which we have also received numerous significant price increases from our trade partners all over the world; it is clear that all countries are enduring the same cost rises that we are here in the UK.

These ongoing cost pressures have decimated our margins to the point where we must immediately adjust our prices in order to ensure that we remain viable and can maintain supply of everything in our range. We will therefore be increasing the majority of our products by between 3% and 10%.

I feel that we are all in the same boat, but nevertheless we understand that this is unwelcome news. I would like to thank you for your tolerance and continued support.

John W. Hartle

Managing Director

11 April 2022